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Bamboo Hotel Garden

Welcome to Bamboo Garden Hotel The Bamboo Garden Hotel nestles in the heart of the famous Senegambia area, settling about two hundred meters offshore and attracted by the natural ecosystem surrounding its infrastructural existence. It is a uniquely structured hotel resort depicting the architectural building style of the Mandingo and Fulani tribes.

The hotel offers you a range of activities such as excursions (safari) around the remote outskirts of the country, to historical sites, academic institutions and to areas promoting ecotourism, the flora and fauna of our heritage. The hotel also offers entertainment by cultural dancing groups backed by the sounds of percussion and talking drums associated with that specific tribe concerned. The sounds of the Jola beat, the Mandingo, the Fulas and the Sussus from neighboring Guinea Conakry.  Imported games like scrabble, chess, monopoly, bagamond and water polo are all available at your disposal.

The rooms in the hotel vary from a.Standard rooms b.Mini suites Standard rooms: The rooms are furnished in frameworks of the famous Bamboo sticks to the comfort and convenience of our guests, with air conditioning, WIFI internet, private telephone facility and a bathroom. The inside of the rooms and walls are handmade craftsmanship of paintings and frameworks by renowned local sculptor. Mini suite: A group of round huts centered in the gardens adjacent to the standard room, are the Mini suites in the true Mandinka’s ideology of housing, as the doors of two separate rooms are so close enough to facilitate a handshake from a neighboring house mate. With an equipped mini kitchen with a sink, mini fridge, TV, telephone set and a broad bed enough to carry excitement. We do also have a free WIFI internet facility installed for your own convenience to contact your love ones and business partners alike. Bamboo Garden Restaurant Propped up for the eye to satisfy its curiosity is the restaurant. 

Built at a higher platform for the clear view of the entire hotel vicinity and accommodating circulation of fresh air around its perimeter. You will surely find it relaxing to have your precious meal. Breakfast is served in a Buffet style for your discrete options while sitting back to enjoy meal on a Bamboo chair. The restaurant offers both local Gambian style and international cuisines. Pool Bar Filled with the touch of African Senegambian culture and traditions, you will be entertained with lyrics and of the griot (praise singers), the feel of African drumbeat, like Bucarabu, Mbalax, and the Afro Manding sounds at our uniquely operated pool bar, serving you with the likes of imported Alcohols, cocktails specially tailor-made for your anticipated taste. Foreign Exchange Foreign exchange does fluctuate as to the global market though you are assured of the best rate for your money’s worth.

You may do your transactions in payments of the Pound, Dollar, Euro and Kroner’s. The Gambian Dalasi is acceptable in payment of all bills incurred in the hotel as you enjoy your precious holiday adventure. We also proudly accept VISA credit card payment for mall goods and services rendered to you. Reservation address The email address of the hotel is the address for reservations.   Please contact us on: Bamboo Garden Hotel, off Bertil Harding’s Highway, Duplex Complex Center, Kololi, Ksmd. The Gambia West Africa.

Website: www.bamboohotel .gm. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Welcome to The Gambia

The Gambia has established itself in the recent years as one of the most sought-after winter sun destinations for tourists from Europe and the sub-region, but Gambia is an all year round destination and during the summer months hotels offer attractive rates and the weather is lovely and the beaches remain unspoilt. In the last few years the number of visitors during the summer has shown an impressive growth.

This growing popularity can be attributed to a combination of endless sunshine, fabulous beaches, a rich culture, unique traditions, wonderful hospitality and a very safe environment.

Although the West African Gambia is the smallest country in mainland Africa, it has a lot to offer and beyond the superficial image of ‘sun, sea and sand’ there is a hidden world to be discovered – on that is largely untouched by development. Visit The Gambia and Go Discover! Read More

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