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Welcome to Gambia Hotel Association

The Gambia Hotel Association (GHA) has been in existence for over twenty five years. Over the years its membership has grown (30 hotels) and all major hotels are members of the Association.

Member hotels are not only located in the major tourist resorts but also in other areas of The Gambia and represent the best choice for your stay in Gambia from budget 2 star hotels to first class boutique hotels.

The Association is recognized as important stakeholder within Gambian tourism and is represented though it’s Secretariat and Executive members. All members have to comply with the Constitution of the Association and are thus bound to offer you good quality and service with a smile!



Abundant attractions

While relaxing in tropical sunshine by the pool or on the beach is often the main attraction for many visitors to The Gambia, for those looking to enhance their visit, there is a wide choice of activities. 

Most hotels have sports facilities such as table tennis, volleyball, tennis courts, croquet and water sports. It is also quite easy to hire a bicycle and go exploring, play a round of golf or there are many places to visit in the hotel districts such as bars, restaurants, casinos and craft markets. 


Tours and excursions – for a few hours, a day or even several days – can be organised by the hotels or through package operators. There is an almost unlimited choice, from 4x4 adventures on dusty roads to relaxing river trips in a traditional pirogue to cultural excursions to see relics of the slave trade and of colonial times. Most of these sites are upriver at James Island, Juffureh and Albreda. 


Popular choices include the Katchikally Crocodile Pool in Bakau, the bustling Banjul Market, Makasutu Cultural Forest, the Banjul Arch, Fort Bullen at Barra, Abuko Nature Reserve, Brikama Craft Market and Lamin Lodge. 

In the south lies The Gambia’s largest fishing community at Tanjeh, where visitors can watch the day’s catch being unloaded from the colourful fishing fleet and sorted for processing or smoking in one of the enormous curing sheds. A few miles further south are the beautiful deserted beaches at Sanyang – some of the finest in the country. 


A visit to the National Museum is a must. Through their fascinating collection of modern and ancient artefacts, the halls show the emergence of the modern-day Gambia. Exhibits range from Stone Age pottery to musical instruments, garments and relics of the country’s colonial past and, of course, the slave trade. The museum is run by the National Council for Arts & Culture, which also organises The Gambia’s many festivals, including the Roots International Festival.

The river is central to any inland excursion. Even if not actually travelling on the river, it will probably have to be crossed at some point. For many years, the road system on the southern shore was superior, but following recent road improvements on the north bank, most journeys to the interior now start with a ferry crossing to Barra and then onward by road. 


With its abundance of birdlife, The Gambia is a bird watcher’s paradise. To date, 560 species of birds have been identified in The Gambia, which has six areas – totalling around 40,000 acres and protected by the Department of Parks & Wildlife – where most of the bird watching excursions go. 

Many tour operators and package holiday companies offer special bird watching excursions, often at optimum times of day for observing the feathered residents. Dedicated bird watching holidays are available, too, although numbers on these can be limited. 

As well as the more common sandpipers, oystercatchers, redshanks and plovers along the beaches, the extensive mangrove swamps attract kingfishers, eagles, parrots and herons. 

More colourful and interesting species to look out for include African fish eagles, red bishops, Senegal parrots and red checked cordonbleus. 

Protection of wildlife has been a priority in The Gambia since 1977 when the Wildlife Act came into force. This underlines the country’s commitment to its birdlife and the environment and ensures it will be there for future generations of visitors to enjoy.


The country’s first foray into wildlife conservation and protection was the Abuko Nature Reserve, established in 1968. A favourite destination for tourists, it includes a 3 km walk featuring a vast array of birds and wildlife, including crocodiles. 

Other sites of interest are Lamin Lodge, a huge tree house with fine views over the Gambia River, Bijilo Forest Park and the Kotu Stream in the hotel district, Tanjeh Bird Reserve on the south coast, and numerous nature reserves along the river including Niumi National Park opposite Banjul, Kiang West National Park and Baobolong National Park, 100 km upriver, and the River Gambia National Park, 250 km upriver. 

Many consider Makasutu Culture Forest to be West Africa’s premier destination for eco tourism. Located next to the Mandina Bolong, this 1,000 acre reserve includes forests, savannah, mangroves and wetlands/salt flats. Its diverse eco system supports a wide variety of animal, plant and bird life including monitor lizards and baboons. 

Bringing together a mix of eco tourism, luxury and exclusive accommodation beside the river and conservation, the culture forest benefits the local community and the environment as well providing visitors with a great day out. 

Welcome to The Gambia

The Gambia has established itself in the recent years as one of the most sought-after winter sun destinations for tourists from Europe and the sub-region, but Gambia is an all year round destination and during the summer months hotels offer attractive rates and the weather is lovely and the beaches remain unspoilt. In the last few years the number of visitors during the summer has shown an impressive growth.

This growing popularity can be attributed to a combination of endless sunshine, fabulous beaches, a rich culture, unique traditions, wonderful hospitality and a very safe environment.

Although the West African Gambia is the smallest country in mainland Africa, it has a lot to offer and beyond the superficial image of ‘sun, sea and sand’ there is a hidden world to be discovered – on that is largely untouched by development. Visit The Gambia and Go Discover! Read More

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